About Mpilo Khumalo

I am an Ecosystems Ecologist (Ecophysiologist). I am currently doing a PhD at Stellenbosch University. My current research project is called The EucXylo Phenomenological Trial, where I am studying all the ecophysiological processes and environmental conditions that influence the formation of wood in forest trees.

Outside my research, I freelance as a Data Analyst. In this role I help individuals, businesses, and organisations make data-driven decisions using high quality data, state-of-the-art visualisations and advanced data analytics. I program in R, SQL, and Python, especially literate, reproducible and accissible programming using tools such as Rmarkdown, Jupyter Notebooks and LaTeX. I also teach these tools and skills to beginners.

In my free time, I enjoy mountain cycling, calisthenics, climbing rocks and mountains, playing a Ukulele, and learning new languages (currently German and Afrikaans).

I blog about Science, Programming, Travel, Cycling, Hiking, Survival Camping etc. I also showcase my projects and public talks. See highlights of my projects and talks below or click on the navigation tabs for more details.

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Mpilo Khumalo

Ecologist | Data Analyst