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The African Savanna Ecosystem

Savannas cover approximately half of the African land surface and one fifth of earths' land surface. They are one of the most important, but least understood terrestrial ecosystems. They are the basis of the African game and livestock industry.

By Mpilo Khumalo in Ecology

February 28, 2022


What do we know about trees? What do we not know?

By Mpilo Khumalo in evergreen

February 27, 2022

Fire Ecology

Fire is often seen as a destructive force, but in many ecosystems it is a necessary catalyst to start or propagate lif. Fire maintains natural ecosystems.

By Mpilo Khumalo & Sally Archibald in Ecology

February 25, 2022

Natural Language Processing With R

R might not be the first language that comes to mind when thinking about NLP. Short for “natural-language processing,” NLP is the discipline of making human language processable by computers. It is a growing field with thousands of applications, some of which you probably use in your daily life.